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The User of the website - www.universitychalo.com must carefully read and agree to the following terms and conditions, including any future modifications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms & Conditions") before using the website www.Universitychalo.com. By using the website, the User is agreeing to be bound by the provisions of these terms & conditions. 

The terms and conditions that are hereby incorporated in the website, as if set forth fully herein, represent the complete agreement between User and Universitychalo. It also supports the agreement between the user and Universitychalo for the use of and access to the Services and/or other contents of this website.

In addition, to access any part of this platform or download its content, you must agree to and comply with our Terms and Privacy Policy. It's important to understand these terms before using the platform. If you don't agree, please don't use it.


We undertake our best approach to make sure that the website we choose to enclose at universitychalo.com.

 1) works and keeps on working appropriately

 2) possesses original, suitable, and useful content and

 3) Their act doesn’t affect the PC users.

Universitychalo disclaims the warranty or authority to any kind of usage of website material/links/information or content that links to an external site or external material. 

Universitychalo does not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding the online availability of the click-through and impressions of Universitychalo.com or any associated web pages. Any link, information, material, article, infographic, or content can be made unavailable without prior notice for further approval or any other reason. Before proceeding to the process of advertising any material, one must approve oneself and the campaigns/ideas of advertising by Universitychalo. The basic requirement for the advertisement to be valid is being related to the platform and the related subject areas. 

Advertisement material or advertising must be approved by Universitychalo before initiating any kind of activity regarding the same. They must be related to the platform and subject areas.

We clearly deny accountability for any website that we associate with under the circumstances to:

  • Getting affected by computer virus
  • Damage caused by downloading the software 
  • Technical problems or inaccurate speed of operations on the website
  • Illegal or Defamatory material
  • Quality, comment, or truth of any material

Limitations Regarding Digital Property/Material

All of the information available on the website of Universitychalo such as images, logos, sounds, videos, infographics, trademarks, documents, texts, services, and other collective materials are copyrighted property of Universitychalo. 

The act of copying, reproducing, sharing, distributing, republishing, downloading, transmitting, or displaying such content without the permission of the owners of Universitychalo is strictly prohibited and will be considered an illegal process. 

Any method of breach of these Terms and Conditions will result in termination of your permission without giving prior announcements. At the time of termination, you’ll right away delete any printed or downloaded material. You might have to face legal consequences if there’s any unauthorized usage of the materials of the universitychalo’s website.

At the time of REGISTRATION/LOGIN/SIGN-UP, you agree to:

  • Share your contact details with Universitychalo partners, and provide accurate, current, and complete information as produced in the registration form Lead form or any form that allows the user to enter personally identifiable information to proceed further onto the website. Also, you are aware and at ease with the fact that Universitychalo might contact you through telephone, e-mail, and SMS for education-related information or proposals. If you do not have a preference to be contacted, you may revise the privacy setting from your account section of the Universitychalo website.
  • Manage and update information (including email address) to keep it accurate, and complete. The User also acknowledges that, if any information provided is discovered wrong or untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Universitychalo reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and the User's use of this website.

By providing his/her details, the User conforms to the following points:

  • Make his/her contact details available to Universitychalo the User may be contacted by Universitychalo education/application information through email, telephone, and SMS. However, if the User does not wish to be contacted, he/she shall communicate the same to our email id - info@universitychalo.com and necessary action shall then be taken by Universitychalo.
  • Receive promotional emails/offers from Universitychalo or any of its associate/partner websites.
  • Be contacted by Universitychalo through the data provided by the User.
  • Universitychalo reserves the right to use the user’s mobile and certain other information such as age, sex, and location to conduct targeted mobile marketing campaigns even for third parties wishing to advertise using our database.
  • Universitychalo.com also practices the right to sell this information and the entire site to a third party if a third party is desirous of purchasing this information. The user shall not have any objection upon any call/SMS/Communication by Universitychalo, by any third party on its behalf, or by any other party authorized by Universitychalo in this regard to communicate with the user regarding any matter connected with Universitychalo.com. Notwithstanding the user registration with the National Do Not Call Registry/ Fully or Partly blocked category under the National Customer Preference Register set up under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the user hereby expresses interest and accords his/her willful consent to receive communication. The user further confirms that any communication, as mentioned hereinabove, shall not be construed as Unsolicited Commercial Communication under the TRAI guidelines.

Payment Terms and Conditions

The refund of any payment is non-refundable. The whole judgment for the refund process lies within Universitychalo. In addition, we do not guarantee timely or accurate refunds, server uptime, or the website/application operating properly. We practice the right to amend/change or alter any of the terms and conditions agreement statement without giving prior notice.  

Terms for Liability

Universitychalo does not take liability for any kind of direct and indirect incidental, punitive, or consequential damage that may arise out of any access or inability to access or use.

The team of Universitychalo operates and controls this website from Haldwani, Uttarakhand by obeying the applicable local law and making sure that the website has appropriate content to display that is applicable under the local law by clearly declaring that any promotional or marketing material on the website is solely bound to individuals, companies or other entities. Any dispute shall be held under the jurisdiction of Uttarakhand.

Terms regarding General Content

Though our editorial team at Universitychalo performs tasks of high-end, it is acknowledged that the website might contain unintended inaccuracies or typos. We do not ensure that the content or material on the website is complete, accurate, sufficient, and up-to-date at any point in time or for any particular purpose. 

It is further divulged that changes are occasionally made on the website based on the required alterations for a better user experience. Hence, the team of Universitychalo might take necessary action to improve the content without providing or presenting any prior notice or notification. The changes are subject to the information, links, content, graphics, images, details, or any other element that is not mentioned here. Also, the website has no control over the external editorials or editorial sections or any linked websites to www.universitychalo.com

Mobile Applications and Usage

Customers/Users/ Subscribers who avail the services of mobile applications, provided by Universitychalo are bound to the terms and conditions of these services. 
1) The mobile number of the user will be fetched and used to process the transaction or the information (text message). 
2) Services provided by the Universitychalo team are subject to TRIA (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) or any other constitutional authority, having a command of the service sector. 
3) Universitychalo reserves the right to cancel, extend, alter, modify, discontinue, or withdraw any of its services. 
4) Universitychalo does not allow any user/subscriber/customer to share, publish, or transmit any offensive, racial, abusive, sexually related, nationality-related, religious, or any other objectionable or offensive content. If any of this content is reported or found by our team, we will immediately initiate termination or appropriate legal proceedings against the publisher.
You understand that by using mobile SMS-based services, you’ll receive messages, phone calls, OTP, etc. from Universitychalo.com. 

Resale of Service

The user also agrees to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit any content, service, use of services, or access of the services, from the website of www.Universitychalo.com for any commercial purpose. 

Purchasing and Ordering Terms

Any decision regarding the purchase or planning on the website by the customer/user/student has to be made with a complete understanding of the proposal or product/service demonstration or representation. Once, the activity has taken place, we consider the decision to purchase as your final choice. 

The prices of the products/services/fees are subject to change without prior notice. And we will make sure to fill in the accurate pricing of the product or services that we will render from our side. Also, you have the sole responsibility to use the products and services you have purchased from the Universitychalo’s website. Under no circumstances, we would be liable for any consequential damage, use or misuse, loss of business, or direct and indirect damage to the applicable product. 

You agree that the warranty of products or the services featured on the website “as is” by the manufacturer has nothing to do with Universitychalo.  The condition of the warranty is limited to/from the manufacturer.

By using the website, you Agree to Not:

  • Break any laws or regulations of the website.
  • Disrupt or harm the website or its users.
  • Pretend to be someone else partially or entirely.
  • Share any content that you don't have permission to share.
  • Intrude on anyone's rights, such as copyrights or trademarks.
  • Stalk, threaten or harass other users.
  • Spread harmful content like viruses or malware.
  • Hack into other computer systems.
  • Engage in illegal or harmful activities.
  • Share content that is offensive or harmful to others.
  • Use the website for commercial purposes without permission.
  • Do anything that interferes with the website's functionality.
  • Overload the website's infrastructure.

Terms of Indemnity/Assurance

By agreeing to these terms, you accept responsibility for any harm or loss caused to Universitychalo and its associated parties (including employees, partners, etc.) due to:

  • Your use of the Universitychalo service.
  • Unauthorized access to or changes made to your communications through the service.
  • Any other issue related to the service.
  • Additionally, you are solely responsible for trusting or using any information found on this website.

User Representations

The user agrees that he/she is not under any legal complications or has any other type of disability that limits his/her ability to comply with the mentioned Terms and Conditions and privacy policy on this page. The user himself/herself shall be responsible for maintaining and managing the confidentiality of his/her account/profile or passwords. Also, the User will be completely and exclusively responsible for all activities happening under his/her Username whether permitted/sanctioned or not. User agrees to immediately notify Universitychalo of any unauthorized activity taking place under his/her account. Universitychalo reserves the right to read, preserve, and/or disclose the personal information of the user including its contents or materials if the following is required/necessary:

  • compliance with any court judgment/decree/order/directive
  • A requirement by the legal/government authority;
  • Is required by applicable law
  • Is required by professional/legal advisers, directors, employees/agents/representatives of universitychalo under these terms or otherwise;
  • investigating potential violations of the terms herein or applicable national & international laws
  • Investigation of deliberate damage to the Services or its fair operation
  • Responding to service support requests
  • For the protection of the rights, intellectual property, or safety of Universitychalo and/or its Directors, employees, and the general public at large.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions of this Website

Universitychalo reserves the right to modify, alter, or change these Terms and Conditions at any time, so it is advised you should review them frequently on our website. 

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