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About University Chalo

Universitychalo is a search engine designed and developed for students, parents, aspirants, and education industry players searching for information on higher education in India. Such information seekers can solely rely on Universitychalo to get the most brief and relevant information and data on colleges and universities. The website/portal is designed in such a way that the students who are trying to fetch any kind of information regarding courses and colleges can access the relevant information in detail, without having to go somewhere else. Through this web portal/platform, we aim to provide a Crystal clear, visual representation of higher education in India. 

Headquartered in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, is one of the rapidly growing education service providers in India. Universitychalo grows in its field by providing students to colleges and universities from across various locations. 

Our Business Objective 

Universitychalo acts as a bridge between the different worlds of students and institutions of higher learning. Our core mission is to facilitate the requirements of student recruitment 

processes for colleges and universities across the entire scope or range of the academic disciplines/streams and degree programs. By maintaining a robust platform/website/portal, the team of universitychalo empowers colleges and universities to reach a wider area/pool of qualified, interested students, gradually leading to a more diverse, educated, skilled, and engaged student body. 

By simply just not keeping the website a directory, Universitychalo holds and organizes a database that extends beyond its network of  partner colleges. Overall, our platform has a listing database of colleges across India, which will provide students a vast arrangements of educational options to choose and explore. Our platform also covers the majority of courses and we spare no effort in updating the latest courses and their details on our portals as well. Furthermore, Universitychalo goes beyond the mere database of the details/listings of the courses and colleges while offering the latest and most reliable information on a variety of important factors that affect the student’s decision-making factors and processes. 


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